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Police Believe Multiple People Should Be Charged In Death Of Matthew Perry

As almost all of you know, ‘Friends‘ star Matthew Perry died last October from the “acute effects” of ketamine. His death was ruled an accidental overdose.

Additionally, the autopsy listed drowning and coronary artery disease as a contributing factor in his death. As noted, Perry was no stranger to ketamine. He had been using the drug, which can be prescribed to treat depression and pain, for over a year. He actually gave it partial credit for helping him stay clean.

But ketamine can be really dangerous if not used properly. Most people only take it while under doctor supervision, but it’s rumored that someone was giving Perry the drug illegally for recreational use.

A law enforcement source talked to PEOPLE recently, and they say the investigation into his death is close to wrapping up, and they believe multiple people should be charged. It’s still not clear if they have enough evidence to file charges or not, but we should know soon.

It was no secret he had substance abuse issues throughout his entire adulthood and revealed in his book that he spent around $9 million trying to get himself clean. He also made it his mission to help others lead a sober lifestyle. In 2012, he turned his $10 million Malibu beach estate into a men’s sober living facility called the Perry House.

Sad stuff. The dude had such a successful life and made millions of dollars, but you get the feeling that he was never truly happy. We can only hope he’s found some peace now.