Watch Full Interview: Chris Brown’s Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Can’t be Fixed by Iyanla Vanzant! (video)


To level set your expectations…this interview has got nothing on Dr Phil’s with Nick Gordon (Boyfriend of Whitney Houston’s daughter).  That video is still tearing it up on Social Media with over 300 Facebook shares.  However – this is still pretty entertaining.  I always wondered how they met and how it must be like to date someone that big in the game.

We also have to give Karrueche credit for trying to fix herself. Let’s face it, she fell in love with a D-bag. It’s happened to most of us. Not to mention a rich D-bag that every young girl wants.

For the record, she’s a lot less of a chicken then I thought and also for the record, I still don’t like Iyanla. I think Karrueche would have been better off talking to Oprah herself or even Steve Harvey. However, Iyanla’s advice was spot on. In the end, Karrueche needs to hear the truth and sometime it takes someone like Iyanla to give her tough love. I’m turned off by Iyanla’s style but it works and sometimes that’s exactly what is needed – except for the awkward hug.




When this is over, Karrueche will move on to some other rapper or athlete and this will have served it’s real purpose. That is for everyone to see how beautiful of a person Karrueche is, inside and out. Even if it was an act for the cameras!  She has good television presence and I’m sure it will lead to someone taking a gamble on her and giving her a role in something.  It will be up to her to go from there.  In the meantime, I will keep following her on Instagram.  “The thirst is real”.