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Minnie Driver Talks More About Being Crushed After Matt Damon Broke Her Heart Nearly 30 Years Ago

Three months ago, Minnie Driver posted to her socials about how devastated she was following her split from Matt Damon back in 1998.

She recalled seeing him at the Oscars with his new girlfriend, and it just crushed her. She wasn’t able to enjoy the moment, and it’s something she looks back at now and regrets.

The 54-year-old actress talked more about this during an interview on the Jennifer Hudson Show. She remembered feeling so sad after seeing Damon attend the Oscars with his new girlfriend, Winona Ryder, just three weeks after they split.

I wish I could’ve told my younger self, ‘Honey, it’s cool, like, you can celebrate, and life’s gonna be great and beautiful and hard and amazing, and you’re gonna love again. It’ll be fine.’ I wanna wrap my arms around that young woman and hug her and go, ‘It’s all gonna be fine honey, don’t worry.’

This all is being talked about again after a clip resurfaced from the Oscars back in 1998. When Damon and Affleck won for Best Screenplay, the cameras cut to Driver, and you could just see how sad she looked.

Aw. You can really see how heartbroken she was.

When they won, and they cut to me, because there was a camera right in the face of the poor young 25 year-old girl who’s about to burst into tears, and it was so raw and vulnerable.

Time heals all wounds!