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Former NBA Star John Wall Says He Put A Gun To His Head Twice After Reaching Rock Bottom

33-year-old former NBA star John Wall, who played for the Clippers and the Rockets, appeared on a recent podcast episode of The OG’s with hosts Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller.

The conversation turned serious when Wall talked about the death of his mother back in 2019. She died of breast cancer, and her death left Wall devastated because he was super close with her.

This was also around the same time he ruptured his Achilles and was off the court for a full year. He went from being one of the best players in the league to “rock bottom.”

He talked about how close he came to taking his own life, even placing a gun against his head.

If it wasn’t for my two boys… I put a gun to my head twice, and a lot of people that’s close to me and my friends at the time didn’t know.

Wall went on to talk about how important mental health is. He revealed he started seeing a therapist after coming so close to pulling the trigger, and it’s helped him to manage his feelings.

I still talk to a therapist to this day. So if you ever feel like you’re in a spot where you’re not comfortable, as a Black man, African-American, or any race… Go get help, it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it. I had to figure that out or I wouldn’t be here today.

Such an important message. There’s no shame in getting help. Don’t let someone make you feel some type of way about it. It’s not a sign of weakness.

Kudos to Wall for being so open about it.