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Former ‘Real World’ Star Sarah Becker Dies At The Age Of 52 After Committing Suicide

Some sad news to report today. ‘The Real World‘ alum Sarah Becker has reportedly died by suicide at the young age of 52. Her family confirmed the news on Sunday.

According to her family, Becker was in Illinois at the time taking care of her ailing mother and sister. She also recently got into a skateboarding accident. At some point during this stressful time, Becker started having mental health issues, and sadly, it looks like that’s what ended up taking her life.

For those who didn’t follow MTV back in the ’90s, Becker starred in the fifth season of The Real World back in 1996 and made a pretty big impression. She made a lot of friends in Hollywood, and several of them paid tribute to her on social media.

Author Jeff Mariotte went on Facebook to write…

I saw the news today that we’ve lost one of everyone’s favorite WildStorm folks, Sarah Becker. Even if you weren’t into comics in the 90s you might remember her from ‘The Real World’ (and from the opening episode of her season, some of which was filmed in our offices and at Sarah’s wild going-away party). She added sunshine to every room she entered, the fans loved her, and so did we all.

Comic artist Alé Garza wrote that they owed their career to Becker…

I’ll never forget seeing your smile, as you rolled by the pit in roller skates, complementing (sic) me on my tall socks, making me blush. You were the one who discovered my art in a pile of photocopies, I owe it all to you.

Our thoughts go out to her friends and family. And if you’re struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please get help. Don’t try to fight it alone.