12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The ‘High School Musical’ Franchise!


High School Musical 4 is still happening, and it will most likely be terrible. The original cast will not be returning, which means the original fans of the franchise will have no reason to watch it. So honestly the fourth film won’t be a sequel, it will truly be the start of something new.

But before they ruin the franchise, let’s look back at the original films. You hardcore fans might know most of the facts on this list, but hopefully you’ll find at least one or two things you hadn’t heard before.

Check it out below…


12. Selena Gomez Was Offered A Role In HSM3

That’s right, folks. Selena Gomez was offered the role of Sharpay’s villainous assistant, but she quickly turned down the offer because she wanted to discard her Disney image after her time on Wizards of Waverly Place ended.

In fact, her quote on the subject caused a bit of controversy. People didn’t like the fact that she referred to the incredibly successful franchise as cute.

“High School Musical 3’ is cute, and I think it would be a great opportunity for someone else. I plan to take other roles in acting that are challenging for me. After Disney, I want to be taken seriously as an actress for many years.”

One look at her IMDb page and you’ll see her plans haven’t worked out quite like she had hoped.



11. That Was Not Zac Efron’s Voice In The Original HSM

Zac Efron might have been the star of High School Musical, but he had a secret weapon helping him out in the original movie. A secret weapon named Drew Seeley. Not only did Seeley write Get’cha Head In the Game, he also provided the singing voice for Troy in the first movie while Efron worked on his vocals for the sequel.

In addition to being the secret voice of Troy in the first movie, Seeley starred as Troy Bolton during the popular HSM concert tour.

So yeah, there wouldn’t be a Troy Bolton without Drew Seeley.



10. Did You Hear That? Throwback Ringtones

If you were paying attention (or just happened to watch all the movies hundreds of times) you probably know about this one. In the third film, Sharpay’s ringtone is Fabulous from High School Musical 2, and Gabriella’s is You Are The Music In Me.


9. Zac Efron’s Most Famous Dance Move Was Improvised

Remember Zac Efron’s epic slide at the end of this routine? Well, no one told him to do it. He just felt the passion pumping in his blood and decided to mop the dance floor with his body. It ended up being one of the most memorable dance moves from the movie, so we have to imagine the director and producers were pleased with it.

Say what you will about Efron, but he gave Troy Bolton every single thing he had. Don’t believe us? Check out the next item on our list…


8. The Famous ‘Bet On It’ Dance Scene? A Lot Of Work Went Into It

This might be the most famous scene from the High School Musical franchise. People (me included) love to laugh at the faces Efron makes throughout the clip. It’s almost as if he’s doing a parody of High School Musical while actually filming High School Musical. Does that make sense? Probably not, but nothing makes sense after watching this video.

A lot of work went into this scene though. It took six days to film, which is a long time considering they filmed the entire movie in just six weeks.



7. East High School Was A Legit School Full Of Real Students Studying

They filmed at a real high school in Salt Lake City. And they didn’t just shoot during the summer, they were filming scenes while students were studying in classrooms. This presented a lot of challenges for the cast and crew because they could only use certain parts of the school for a limited amount of time.

For example, they all had to be perfect while filming “We’re All In This Together,” because they were running out of time in the gym.

Monique Coleman told Buzzfeed the following…

“So the biggest number in the movie, and the biggest moment, could only be captured one time. … There was no room for anybody to mess up.”