05APR2015 – linsey-jade Bad Girls Club

Dead at Age 22! Bad Girls Club Star, Linsey “Jade” Berardi aka The Brooklyn Brat has Passed.


The “Brooklyn Brat” Jade has passed away. It’s crazy because she was only 22 years old. Although her death has been confirmed, how she died is still a mystery.

Her real name is Linsey ‘Jade’ Beradi. She was only on the Bad Girls Club for a hot minute. She actually pulled herself from the show just two episodes in after she got into a fight with another cast member, Jada Cacchilli.


When news of Jades death hit the internet, since it was so close to April Fool’s day people thought it was another internet hoax. Not until Oxygen released a statement did people finally accept that this was indeed real.

In their statement Oxygen said,

 Yesterday, we read rumors that Linsey ‘Jade’ Berardi from BGC12 had passed away. Today, we confirmed with her family that this sad news is true. Below, a few brief words:

 “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Linsey ‘Jade’ Berardi, who appeared in ‘Bad Girls Club Season 12.’ Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt thoughts go out to her family, friends and fans.” – Oxygen Media Spokesperson

In lieu of flowers, her family asks any donations be sent to animal shelters. Linsey was a lifetime animal lover and passionate advocate.

Ironically, Jades rival Jada was one of several cast members to take to social media and express their condolences. She wrote on Instagram,

‘Sad to find out @misslinseyjade life was cut so short… Despite our introduction on BGC we became cool and were able to let the bs go.’

‘However she was taken, I pray it was a peaceful depart.’

‘We may not have been friends BUT we shared an experience most will never have or truly understand.’

This is the$20 million dollar question. At age 22 you almost immediately think drug overdose but this does not appear to be the case. The Bad Girls Club Tea Instagram account originally posted how she died, but I was too late to the party and missed it. They posted comments made by close friends but Jade’s family requested that it be removed. (Which of course deepens the mystery).

Her reported boyfriend “Rich” had a pretty convincing statement against her over dosing. He said,

“She didn’t overdose.. Idk who said that but it’s not true. She had health issues.. Her family should be the ones to give out that information if they decide to do so.”

I find that statement super believable and have written overdosing off as the cause.

On her own Facebook page she alluded to having health issues and said that she was going away. She posted,

“Hey guys . Just letting anyone know I’m going away due to health problems tomorrow morning for some time so if I’m not responding to texts, I’m not ignoring u, I’ll see them when I get home!”

This break lasted only 8 days as she was back on Facebook but it appeared she was still not better and her hospital stay did not go well. On March 12th she posted,

“im bored and sick. listening to pucsifer. hi.

I just got out of the hospital

not talking about it,

it was a nightmare.”

So it definitely appears that it was some type of illness. Anyone passing at the prime of their life is not only sad and tragic but also extremely interesting. You want to know what happened to them so if you can prevent it you will. Or you want to know if it is something that completely can’t happen to you and one less thing you have to worry about. Kind of narcissistic to be thinking about yourself during the loss of someone so young, but we are in a selfie-age.

RIP Linsey. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page when we confirm the cause of her death.

Here is a super crappy tribute video. Almost so crappy that I wasn’t going to show it but it does show her and the episodes she was in. Our thoughts are with her family.