ABC’s “The View” – Season 18

The View: Rosie Perez is Officially Done. We found out Why


With Raven as the only safe person on the show, during Monday’s broadcast, Whoopi Goldberg poked the elephant in the room and hinted that someone else was on the bubble but no one knew who. Perez was not there and Nicole Wallace laughed nervously while fans of the show who have been through this several times now, knew that an announcement would be forthcoming soon.

Yesterday “The View” sent a memo to staffers that Rosie Perez would be leaving. The executive producer Bill Wolff penned the memo and said that Rosie has decided to focus on her acting career instead of the show.


Our friend Rosie Perez has decided to leave the show at the conclusion of this season to pursue full time her love for acting.

Stepping into the role of talk show host at the same time she has been starring on Broadway has been incredibly impressive. And beyond being an enormously talented performer, Rosie is a dedicated advocate who has brought passion and insight to the panel every day.

Rosie will always be a part of “The View” family, and we will welcome her back as a guest anytime to catch up. We’ll plan a proper send off for her in a few weeks, but in the meantime, please join me in thanking her for her great work on the show.


He is right. Starring on Broadway at the same time as pulling off a daily talk show like “The View” is actually pretty damn impressive. Perez’s last day on the show will be this season’s finale on August 6th. There are rumors that the show will be built around Raven which puts Nicole Wallace and Whoopi in the hot seat. Even if both Wallace and Goldberg remain the show still needs to fill two more chairs.  Getting the right mix of women has been something that’s plagued the show ever since Walters left.


No, I’m not describing Rosie Perez, that is the name of Larry David’s play that she is starring in on Broadway. The play broke records in primary and secondary ticket markets with advance sales of $14.5 million. The average ticket price is $299.23 and every show is currently sold out.


The seven actor play deals with the death of one of the character’s father. Perez plays a Latina maid who had an affair with the person who died and birthed the man’s love child.

Jason Alexander has recently taken over for Larry David after his stint ended back in early June. David finished his run by selling $1.2 million in tickets that week breaking the Cort Theater record. Despite poor to mediocre reviews, David is still crushing it.

With “Fish in the Dark’s” run almost over, the big question is what’s next for Rosie. As an aging post 50 year old, type casted actress, roles are far and few between. Although personally I think Rosie has still “got it”, I’m a realist and I know Hollywood hasn’t been hot for Rosie since she flashed a boob in “White Men Can’t’ Jump”


If it was indeed her choice to leave, let’s hope her agent has booked her next gig…or two. We wish Rosie luck!