Merry Swift-mas? Taylor Swift gives her biggest fans personalized Christmas gifts and captures it all on Video!


While most news sites are trying to capture your clicks on Taylor stumbling down the stairs on New Year’s, we decided to focus on what Taylor really wanted us to focus on. Her slipping on the stair is a big nothing, but I’m sure she’s upset it’s taking the focus away from the video she has released on Youtube.

Don’t get me wrong..this true story is fabricated crap too, however it’s better crap than her half slipping down a stair and websites calling it a “tumble” Let’s get that over with shall we….

See. There is nothing to see there folks. The next video is posted by none other than Taylor herself (or one of the dozens of minions that run her social media accounts). This is just marketing at its finest. She is leveraging social media to its limit because let’s face it, if done correctly it’s free and viral advertising. That results in more record sales and that equates to money in the bank.

So capping off an incredible year in which she managed to kill the Billboard Hot 100 by topping it for 6 weeks straight, she decides to release this video. We know that Taylor is known for being incredibly nice to her fans but she now takes it to a whole new level.

For some of her biggest fans she reverse stalked them on social media and purchased personalized gifts for each one and had them mailed to them individually. She then was able to somehow capture their responses on camera. The video starts with a message where they explain exactly what “TayLurking is

Shortly after the massively success release of 1989, fans on social media began to experience another phenomenon. After something that became known as #TayLurking, whereupon every detail of a fan’s likes, job, whereabouts was studied intently… A single Santa emoji would appear on their socials. From one Taylor Swift…..these are their stories,

Then you hear a ‘Law and Order’ signature chime and the video begins.

Warning – this is so sweet you will need a filling after you get done watching it.

Swift is too perfect, I know there is a sex tape out there somewhere or maybe she’s anorexic. She just can’t be that perfect….can she? The only other person to match her in the perfection business is Beyonce. Let’s see who get the Queen of Perfection crown in 2015.