Watch: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Are Spoofed in Hilarious Funny or Die Clip (Video)


Sometimes things are so bad that you don’t know weather you should laugh or cry.  As you already know, we at TVST almost always choose to laugh. To be clear, child molestation is no laughing matter, but ’19 Kids and Counting’, Josh Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have become jokes.

Our good humored internet neighbors at Funny or Die, took this Duggar scandal as an opportunity to pull together a ‘Saturday Night Live-esque’ Parody video that is pretty damn funny.

Jim Bob and Michelle are played by comedic actors Erin Gibson and Greg Jones. The spoof finds it’s way through all of the hypocrisy that has been exposed during the last two weeks surrounding this scandal.  They make sure to remind people that the Duggars have been outspoken against the LGBT community, saying that they are a danger to our children.  Gibson mockingly says in the video,

Homosexuals prey on children and they do not deserve to walk on God’s great Earth

Gibson and Jones, do a great job mocking the couples empty smiles and thoughtless grins.  After they apologize, they end the video telling you that they are dealing with the situation the best way they know how.

Watch the clip to find out what their plans are….I’m sure you could have guessed it.