Tiger is Finally Back! Fans on Social Media Go Crazy and Johnny Miller Predicts His Future! (Gifs and Prediction)

For those few of us who still believe, yesterday was a day that we knew was going to come.  In fact, many of us have gone from knowing who scored what on Thursday opening rounds, to watching just the final 4 rounds on a Sunday big event, just waiting for the announcement that happened yesterday.  That is the Tiger effect.

Those who truly believe, knew he was going to come back and we also know that he will be all the way back; but we hope that he is ready.  As bad as we wanted to see him this year, we also didn’t want to see him.  We would rather he stay out longer and have a healthier return, then watch him struggle…and God forbid, walk off mid round.

For now, we just have to make it through 12 healthy rounds.  We do this, and the sky is the limit.


He will be playing in the Safeway Open, Oct. 13-16, the Turkish Airlines Open Nov. 3-6 in Turkey and his event, the Tiger Woods Foundation  – Run Hero World Challenge.

By his own words, on his own website, he is back,

“My rehabilitation is to the point where I’m comfortable making plans, but I still have work to do,” Tiger said. “Whether I can play depends on my continued progress and recovery. My hope is to have my game ready to go.

“I’m looking forward to going to California for my foundation event and Safeway. I’m also excited to return to Turkey and Albany. It could be a fun fall.

“It was difficult missing tournaments that are important to me, but this time I was smart about my recovery and didn’t rush it. It was great spending time with my children Sam and Charlie, and also working on a lot of projects including golf-course design, the upcoming 20th anniversary of my foundation and my book about the 1997 Masters. But I missed competing. I want to thank all the fans for their kindness and concern. I’ve been a pro about 20 years, and their support has never waned.”



But all good things.  He believes Tiger’s got 6 – 8 more wins in him.  I would agree.  Miller’s assessment of Tiger’s game is pretty much spot on,

“They always say a great fighter, a boxer, always has at least one more great fight in him, and I think he has more than one great fight. I really pick him to win six or eight tournaments in the second career, at least. That’s my feeling.”

 “His iron game has been great. There’s nothing wrong with his iron game,” Miller said. “His driver … forget maybe trying to kill the ball off the tee. If he just puts the ball in play and let his irons do the talking, obviously he’s a great putter and he’s a phenomenal competitor. If he just gets the ball in play, even if he has to hit stingers out there … if I was caddieing for him, I’d say, ‘Let your irons do the work, and your short game.’ ”

Despite Tiger’s humble commentary on his website, one has to believe that he is beyond better.  To stay out this long, you have to think that he feels that he can win all three of these events.  However, that’s the old, younger Tiger.  That’s the Tiger that most fans want to come back.  Yeah, that Tiger was a d*ck and an asshole, but that Tiger dominated.  He dominated in a way that we will most likely never see again.  That Tiger wasn’t chatting it up, smiling signing autographs; that Tiger was a killer.  He was stone faced and the only time we saw his teeth was when he roared and chumped down a power bar.  That Tiger made eating a Power Bar feel powerful.  That’s the Tiger everyone but his fans hated and that’s the Tiger we want to see back.

Mickelson, who is going through one of his longest, winless streaks, reminded everyone last week, even though it seems hard to win consistently on tour, in the day of the old Tiger, it was damn near impossible.  He said,

“There’s nobody playing at a superior level like Tiger did. When Tiger would play at his best, it was almost impossible to beat him.”

That’s the tiger we can’t wait to see.  If he’s not a d*ck we will consider that a bonus!

F*ck football, October 13h can’t get here soon enough!