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DON’T DO IT FLOYD! Floyd Mayweather Gives Two Interviews and Makes This Huge Business Move to Convince us That Retirement is Over.

Floyd mayweather 03MAY2016

I was really shocked last year when Floyd announced his retirement and actually followed through with it.  He even convinced me that he would actually stay retired with Instagram posts like that above….. until now.

It must be hard retiring from something that you, not only have done your whole life, but you are one of the best whoever did it.  It’s probably even harder to sit back and watch those who are trying to follow in your footsteps fail miserably.  Floyd is a true competitor, businessman and entrepreneur.

Those are the reasons why he would consider a comeback.  It was all part of the plan.  He probably never really retired.


If Floyd does fight again, it has to be soon.

He is like an aging woman without a child.  His eggs are getting old and his biological clock is ticking.  With every passing month, he’s losing speed, agility, muscle and his reflexes are slowing. Getting old is a bitch and he knows it.

That’s why he started to plant the seeds on Saturday.  After the Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz fight on Saturday, Floyd was interviewed and I’m sure most of you saw this 11 second clip.

That clip just whet your appetite.  What you probably didn’t see is the extended interview where Floyd talks about the prospect of moving up in weight class, or more specifically not.

He addresses fans wanting him to fight Gennady Golovkin, otherwise known as Triple G.  This man is 35 – 0 with 32 knock outs.  Floyd is no dummy.  (More on Triple G later).

As you can imagine everyone is ducking Triple G, which is really why he hasn’t fought anyone notable.  To fight Floyd, the fight would have to happen at a weight of 160 lbs which for his last fight and the coveted number 50, he won’t do and shouldn’t do.

The interesting part is, and what this interview clip reveals, is that Floyd’s got it all figured out.  It’s as if his camp has already discussed who opponent 50 will be.  Floyd says,

“Well Triple G, I think it’s best that he go up and fight Andre Ward.  You know I think that would be a good fight for Triple G, Andre Ward, that’s a good matchup.  You know, how can Floyd Mayweather fight at 160 and I could never even make 154?  

Danny Garcia, another name, undefeated prospect, undefeated champion, in two different classes, very exciting fighter, you just never know.”

Listen to the certainty.  Floyd loses himself and forgets he is supposed to be convincing us that he’s retired.  Instead he sounds like a man planning his next fight.  Listen

Floyd Mayweather 05MAY2016