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Too Old For This? WATCH: Steve O’s Latest Stunt Filmed By Tony Hawk, Goes All Wrong and Lands Him In the ER. (Video)

Steve O 30AUG2015At 42 years of age, I think it’s safe to say that Steve O is getting too old to be pulling off the same types of stunts he’s been doing the last 20 years but when this is all you know, what else do you do?

After this latest stunt, I think Steve himself would agree.  He can’t take a fall like he used to.

Sunday Steve and Tony Hawk got a video camera (it already sounds dangerous) and attempted to video tape a stunt that went all wrong.  As far as Jack-ass stunts go, this one was actually quite tame.


A car was supposed to ram into a Porta Potty type of structure which Steve O was standing on top of.  Steve was supposed to jump up and off as the car rams into the Port O potty at top speed.  Steve was supposed to then land comfortably onto his skateboard and ride away into the sunset

Simple enough right? Wrong.

The stunt was filmed three times and the third time was anything but a charm.  It landed Steve in the hospital.  As he falls on the third attempt, it appears he lands awkwardly and his 42 year old bones were not having having it.

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As a result, as you can see, he was hospitalized for his injuries.  Although he doesn’t look to bummed out, from this Snapchat video, you can see the injuries were quite substantial.


Although it’s not clear what they were filming this for, whatever project it was will now be put on hold as Steve heals.  WATCH!

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