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Found It! The video clip of Selena Gomez Singing About Justin Bieber that Almost Made Her Shut Down Her Social Media Account (Video)

Last week we heard that Selena Gomez threatened to shut down her Instagram account after Bieber fans gave her a hard time about singing on a video to one of little Wayne’s songs.

To be clear she wasn’t actually singing she was sort of talking with Lil Wayne’s song “Single”.

It’s actually a cute little video clip that Selena thought her fans would appreciate. She didn’t expect all the drama that went along with it.

In the clip you can hear Selena going back and forth with the song

LIL WAYNE: “She hated when I do that sh_t”.

LIL WAYNE’S VERSE: “When she get home she go through my Sh_t”
SELENA: “I sure did go through that MuthaF__rs Sh_t”

Then Selena ends the clip with an exuberant, “I’m single!!”.

She posted the clip and with 67 million Instagram followers you now half of them are Bieber fans and half of those are probably following Selena because they are haters.

Here at TVST we know that Bieber fans can be vicious. (See post – 6 Times Fans Of Justin Bieber Threatened To Murder Someone). Selena quickly deleted the video but we found it….because that’s what we do! Have a look.

Selena Gomez video - 29feb2016