Drake Gives Joe Budden What He Asked For (sort of) and Budden Drops A New 6 Minute Response in Just 4 hours! (#CanadianlivesMatter)


I say sort of in the title of this post because Drake didn’t really answer Joe Budden’s diss tracks. He actually just dropped the track that started the feud to begin with. The song which is hosted by French Montana is called “No Shopping”.

This is the song that could be heard in French’s snapchat post back in May, where you can clearly hear Drake say “Pump It Up”. This subliminal was thought to be in response to Budden’s comments on his podcast regarding Drakes’ album “Views”.

If you have been keeping count, Budden has dropped 2 diss tracks “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” and “Waves” with no response at all from Drake.

Then this dropped on Saturday night:

From the lyrics you see Drake takes subliminal shots in the beginning and goes direct at the end actually mentioning Budden’s name. This would have been an “Ohhhhhhhh” moment, if Joey hadn’t made two complete diss tracks already.

Here are the lyrics:
Pump, pump, pump it up
She got a good head on her, but I pump it up
I’m not a one-hit wonder, they know all my stuff
You let me turn into the n*gga that you almost was
I done seen a lot of shit and I done been in things
And I never started nothin’, I just finish things
And I’m still off like the man that brought me in this thing
How you out here celebratin’ like the winnin’ team?
No, calm down, calm down
This shit ain’t how you think it is, take a look around
I’m supposed to be on a vacation right now
But I’m home wildin’, word to DJ Khaled
Back with another one
I’m steady droppin’ bombs on your head top
Been that way since I could make your bed rock
I’m on, blew it where you can’t shop
Bitch I just rapped and it went pop
Next move better than my last move
Your next move can’t erase your past moves
Took her out once she got attached to him
Ring, ring, click, I’ll get back to ’em
You don’t really want the views
You don’t really want a snapshot of things goin’ on with the crew
You don’t wanna hear Not Nice did thirteen
And did another two for some other shit he didn’t do
Last week, Budden runnin’ in the room
This week sold one point two
Yeah, it’s a boost around baby boy
Yeah, and I know Taraji like I’m baby boy
And I fuck with Weezy and I’m Baby’s boy
Yeah we the Army, better yet the Navy, boy


There are two ways of looking at Joe’s response:
1. As a Joe Budden fan that likes rap beef and just about anything Joe puts out because he is a true lyricist.
2. As someone who is not a Joe Budden fan and think he’s…..(Read More)