Kevin Gates is Sentenced to 6 Months for Kicking Fan! His Wife Rants About Sentencing But Posts A Video that Looks Even Worse! (Video and Rant)


For all of you are not familiar with the incident, let me quickly catch you up.

Back on August 28, 2015 Kevin Gates was performing at a concert.  An 18-year-old woman named Miranda Dixon, and her friend were in the front row when she thought it would be a great idea to grab Kevin Gates pants leg.  She quickly found out…that wasn’t a good idea at all.

Gates must have been in a bad mood.  Despite Miranda being dressed in a sexy red cutaway pants suit, and looking pretty good, if I must say, Kevin was immediately angered and proceeded to kick Miranda as if he was trying out for the NFL.

Personally I stopped being a Gates fan after this. The entire incident was extremely inexcusable, however Gates of course tried to make excuses.


Kevin said that she tried to touch his “privates” several times and she didn’t listen.  That was his justification.  He was basically fed up with Miranda’s repeated effort to touch his man-gina (pronounced man-jah-eye-nah).  So fed up, that he had to kick her to make her stop as he mentions in the clip of the song here – of course since this is a Breakfast Club clip, there is some snide Charlamagne commentary that this time I happen to agree with.



The testimony from Miranda is that they were just being fans.  Dixons’ friend Teremal Redding says that she asked Dixon to grab Gates to get his attention for her.  She said that the entire front row was doing it.

She also admits that what was caught on the video was the 2nd time she grabbed him which confirms Gates claims to the touching actually happening multiple times. But still bruh??  Kicking a woman? Really?

To refresh your memory – watch THE DEVASTATING KICK ONE MORE TIME.  It’s much worse than I remember!! 


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