WATCH: 2ND Video Emerges in Troy Ave Shooting; Shows Scuffle Where Original Shooter Allegedly Dropped the Gun That Troy Ave Was Seen Shooting (VIDEO & DETAILS)

Earlier this week 50 Cent out the post below in support of Troy Ave.

>>Update June 21, 2016: Don’t Celebrate Yet!  Troy Ave Dodges Murder Charge but Gets Hit with Five FELONIES! <<    ….but watch the 2nd Video here first.  

Troy and 50 had documented beef awhile back, but Troy took care of it before it escalated. He sat down with 50, which led to a Troy Ave being featured on an episode of “Power” and 50 has been in Troy Ave’s corner ever since. This is a good thing; he’s going to need it.


For people like myself who found it hard to believe that Troy Ave shot himself in the leg and shot his own bodyguard this new news does not come as a surprise.  We all knew there was much more to this story and it appears that there is.  A lot more.


1st police uncovered five 9 mm shell casings at the scene.  They confirmed that these were all linked to the same gun.  Authorities have sense found the gun located in a hidden compartment of a van that was used to transport Troy Ave to the hospital.

There were three guns found, one of which matches the gun used to shoot all five of the bullets, including the one in Troy Ave’s leg and the one that killed Ronald McPhatter.


This is the story that major news outlets are continuing to go with, but the streets are talking…and there’s video footage.

Now there is video released before the 1st video that went viral.  You know the one.  It showed Troy Ave seemingly casually shooting in the VIP area.  The new video shows the scuffle that preceded what we saw.

Although what is actually going on in the video is hard to decipher, what is clear is that there is a fight and you start to hear more than few gun shots go off.  You can also hear, model Maggie Heckstall (rumored to be Maino’s girlfriend), screaming that her leg was shot.  “My Leg, My Leg”.

Troy Ave’s lawyer, Scott E. Leemon, says that during that scuffle Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter was shot and that’s when Troy Ave was also shot in the leg.  Troy didn’t accidentally shoot himself.

Troy’s legal team says that there is more video footage that shows Ronald McPhatter slumped over and Troy Ave limping out of the greenroom that they are trying to gain access to, however this 2nd footage does reveal quite a bit more of the story.

Unforeseen Troy Ave Footage