Watch: Full Length Dr. Phil Interview with Nick Gordon (Video)

Honestly I don’t think this dude is faking. I think he had something to do with Bobbi Kristina’s injuries and the guilt is just eating him alive.  He is self medicating with Xanax and drinking as a way of coping with the severity of his actions.  When he came out and said that he would never hurt anyone and that he loved babies that sealed the deal for me.  Guilty!

If he did do anything than this interview was foolish on his part because it can all be used against him in court. He is a narcissist and it manifests itself in every statement,

I lost the most famous superstar

My name will be the first she calls

The other mystery is where has his mom been this entire time? She seemed to be the most normal person in this whole entire story.  Why was he shipped off to live with Whitney when his mom seemed just fine?

The other question is, since when does the cable guy have to go to the bathroom to do anything? I’ve had cable guys for years come and go and never once had they ever had to do anything in my bathroom but take a dump.

What do you think? Is it all an act? It might not be an act but it’s all a damn shame….and Dr. Phil, I ain’t mad at you. Get your money.  We can all blame you for interviewing this train wreck and cashing in on this mans misery but we are all watching it. So like I said, “Get Your Money”.