Yasss, Lil Kim is Getting a Reality Show and We have a Sneak Peek of The Trailer (Video)


In the clip released to promote her show, Kim does not say what channel the show will be on, however she is clear that the show is coming and it’s coming this year.  This will not be the first time that the Queen Bee will dip her toe in the reality TV pool.  She had a reality show nearly 10 years ago before going to jail.  It was accurately titled “Countdown to Lockdown” and it was actually pretty good.

Now at age 40, I’m not completely sure that Kim has enough star power, charisma, or remaining fans to pull off a mixtape, let alone a reality TV show.

When you watch the trailer, it’s obvious that she used to be a big deal.  She reminds you that she and Diddy were close friends; she reminds you that fashion designers like Alexander McQueen used to design custom outfits for her and that Wyclef Jean once even brought her a BMW.  She was the Nicki Minaj of the late 90’s early 2000’s.  Everybody had that Lil Kim poster in their locker at school.  You know the one….

Lil kim

 Squatting in a bikini and heels – The Lil Kim Poster that started it all.

However times have changed and so has her face.  As she is talking in the trailer, it appears that her face might actually be melting off, her hair looks attached to her hat instead of her head, and she’s about 140 lbs stuffed into a size 4’11 frame.


 Lil Kim and Diddy – Kim changed her face Diddy didn’t change his

I would say the only thing that this potential reality show disaster has going for it, is the fact that we all like to watch a good train wreck.  As we are learning from recent real live Train wrecks, we don’t really like to watch those anymore either.

Here is Lil Kim promoting her new show.  The Black Kardashian indeed. SMH.