Have You Seen This? Dame Dash and Kanye West Present the Trailer for Their New Movie “Too Honorable” (Video)


The movie critic in me is disappointed because this appears to be the same ol’ drugs, guns and violence type of movie you would expect from Dame Dash, starring Cam’ron.  However the Hip Hop fan, in me says it’s been a while since we have seen a decent hood flick.  It’s also obvious from the trailer that “Kanye” had very little to do with this movie.  It’s like putting Donald Trump’s name on the side of your building so you can attract people who don’t know any better.  And from the traffic that is coming in to watch the trailer, I would say at least that strategy is working.


One big surprise is the appearance of Stacy Dash.  As you can see from the comments on Youtube, a lot of people just assumed that she gave up being black in general based on some of her political comments over the past couple of years.  Personally for me, seeing Stacy Dash in anything is a treat.  She remains to be one of the hottest 48 year olds on the planet ….and don’t forget, her and Dame are cousins.


Leon Farrell.  He described what the brainstorming session of this movie must have been like between Dame and the producers,

‘It’s going to be based in Harlem’

‘it’s going to have Cam’ron in it’

‘We’re going to shoot lots of guns’

‘We’re going to use a lot of slow motion shots’

‘We will use the line I DO IT FOR MY LAST NAME’

‘It’s going to be about drugs and loyalty’

‘We’re going to have Chipz Cookies doing the catering because my son has cookies’

‘We need to say pause after every line of dialogue’

Yes, he had to take it there.  He went “in” on the Chipz Cookies.  That’s the cookie company owned by Dame’s son, Boogie Dash.

Too Honorable stars and assortment of Hip Hop’s sub-mainstream: Cam’ron,Styles P, Smoke DZA, Eishia Brightwell, Julito McCullum, Nicholas Turturro, Daniel Jenkins,Michael Rispoli, Smokey Suarez, Oschino Vasquez, and Murda Mook.

Too Honorable will be released by Damon Dash Studios on May 25, 2015.  Damon Dash Studios is a self-funded venture that as of this year has four movies under its belt.  Here is the official website (sort of)…    And here is the official trailer for the film.  Will you see it?