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WATCH: Wiz Khalifa Thrown To The Ground and Cuffed All While Repeating, “I’m not Resisting” (VIDEO)

Wiz basically reported this story himself, almost as it was happening.  The 27 year old rapper was arrested in LAX for seemingly riding a hover board.  After returning from France and Finland, Wiz arrived in LA Saturday afternoon.  Through a series of tweets and Instagram videos, we get to the see the whole thing play out.

At 7:50 PM Wiz let’s his fans know that something went down at airport.  He posted a picture to his twitter account of the incident with the caption,

Haven’t been slammed and cuffed in a while. That was fun,

Then he posted a clip that showed the moments leading up to the face-down photo. It appears that he could possibly be standing on the hoover board, because he is towering over the crowd (more so than usual) and in the video you can hear him saying,

I didn’t do nothing anyway. What you gonna do, put me in jail because I didn’t listen to what you say?

The answer to his question is simply, “Yes”.

In the Instagram clip following, you see Wiz face down with 3 law officials yelling “stop resisting”.  You can also hear Wiz saying over and over, “I’m not resisting, Sir”.

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I'm not resisting, I'm doin what I want.

A video posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on

It appears that these were U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers.  It was not clear if he was completely arrested or just cuffed from the video.  The LAX police did confirm that they had no interaction with Wiz on Saturday so most likely he was not taken into custody.


In Wiz’s last tweet, he eludes that he was riding a hover board and that they are going to be the wave of the future.  He also subtlety suggests that anyone who might not totally appreciate the hover board, can kindly consume a male reproductive organ.

It’s hard to imagine that there are laws for hover boards already.  I’m sure there are laws against riding scooters and skateboards; most likely those laws can be applied to these vehicles as well.  Although we call it a hover board, it’s really a balance board.  A hover board is something different.

This….is a hover board.

Wait a minute …that video is fake.  It was created by the team over at Funny or Die.  In fact that video was so convincing that Tony Hawk put out an apology for helping create it after angering fans who fully brought into the entire thing.  Here is Hawk’s apology below:

Then he was treated to a real hover board.

Ok, we are officially hovered out!