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Incredible Feel Good Moment: Watch As Ellen Tells Terminally Ill Comic Quincy Jones That She Got Him an HBO Special. (Video)

031516-quincy-jones-aso-blog-750x435 - 22MAR2016We are not just nip slips and Kanye rants people, we do occasionally have some feel good moments and stories with some substance.  The keyword being “Occasionally”.  Well this is one of those occasions.

Quincy Jones is a 32 year old comedian who has been diagnosed with Stage III Mesothelioma.  That is a cancer that is incurable folks.  As one of his dying wishes he wanted to shoot a stand up special so two of his producer friends, Mickey and Nicole Blaine created a Kickstarter campaign to help him live his dream.  The goal for the campaign was just under $5,000 and they managed to raise nearly ten times the amount needed.  Currently the campaign is sitting at $50,273.00

If you are wondering how he raised so much, it has to be this damn video.  It will tug the hell out of your heart strings.  Although the Kickstarter campaign has reached its monetary goal, and his stand up is scheduled to be filmed, the video is so powerful that I almost gave more money. (They keyword being “Almost”).  This video hits hard – it’s sad but it’s also funny because you get to hear some of Quincy’s material, and he’s pretty good.


Quincy jones Kickstarter Campaign