American Idol: Top 8 Boys Perform, Did Your Favorite Go Home?

 American Idol isn’t wasting any time this year. The top 12 boys were reduced to just the top 8 tonight, and we lost some extremely talented singers, but let’s start off with some good news.

Our three favorites from last week made it! Clark Beckham, Quentin Alexander, and Qaasim Middleton were all voted through to the top 8 boys, which means they are one step closer to making the top 12.

But this doesn’t mean America didn’t make some silly decisions. We were reminded that teenage girls and moms from Kansas still control the votes when Daniel Seavey was called up on stage to perform. The fact that he made the top 8, and someone like Savion Wright is going home proves America still has a little work to do in the voting department.

You can check out if your favorite made the top 8 by looking at the photos down below. The red “X” looking thing obviously means that the contestant is going home. Tomorrow night, we found which four girls will be leaving us. It should be another interesting night.



Clark Beckham



Daniel Seavey



Riley Bria



Savion Wright



Adam Ezegelian



Mark Andrew



Trevor Douglas



Quentin Alexander



Qaasim Middleton



Michael Simeon



Rayvon Owen



Nick Fradiani