The Internet Strikes Again: Jay Z Gets Roasted Over Bubbly/Unflattering Instagram Photo He Snapped Inside Elevator (ALL THE MEMES INSIDE!)


You know it has to be difficult for Jay Z knowing most people refer to him as simply “Beyonce’s husband” now. Back in the day, he was 100% legit. Kids wanted to be him, people in the rap game were afraid of him, and he was pumping out hit after hit.

But now his name might best be remembered for Lemonade. He just hasn’t been the same since then. Actually, it started long before that. He hasn’t been the same since that video leaked of Solange beating his a** inside an elevator.

The internet has constantly been hating on Jay, and the hate has continued this week. In the Instagram post you see below, you can see Jay Z snapping a photo of Beyonce inside an elevator during a family trip to Paris. In the photo, it looks as if the 46-year-old Instagram Husband is trying to steal the show. He’s clearly taking the photo for Beyonce, but look at his saucy pose.

He’s like, “This is my moment…LET ME FLY, BEYONCE. LET ME FLY!”


When you combine that ‘Where’s Waldo: Colorblind Edition‘ shirt with that ‘look at my body‘ pose, you’re just asking for the internet to hate on you.

And that’s exactly what they did. Check out some of the best jokes below. I think Jay Z needs to avoid elevators for a few months. They don’t treat him right.