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Ben Affleck Loses It On The Paparazzi After They Basically Blind Him With Bright Camera Flashes At Night

Ben Affleck is a stressed man right now, dealing with all the rumors surrounding his marriage to Jennifer Lopez. As most of you know, the star couple has been in the headlines for the past month, with multiple insiders claiming they are just days away from filing for divorce.

But it looks like Ben and Jen are still trying to make things work. They’re no longer staying at the same house together, but they are making it a point to visit each other often.

This past weekend, Ben went to visit Jen at their mansion in Beverly Hills (which might be up for sale) and when Ben decided to leave in the evening, the paparazzi were waiting for him at the bottom of a long hill.

And as you can see by the video, they blinded the sh*t out of him with bright camera flashes. This was especially dangerous because the hill he was driving down comes out to a public road. He likely couldn’t determine if it was safe for him to turn on the road or not.

This understandably pissed Ben off, so he jumped out of his vehicle and yelled at the paparazzi…

The dude he yelled at first wasn’t even the one flashing the lights, but he took the full force of Ben’s wrath. Although, the dude was basically standing in the road and almost got hit by Ben’s car, so you know, he probably deserved to be yelled at.

You know if Ben would have accidentally hit him, he would have tried to sue the hell out of him.