Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Really Name Their Baby THAT?

A few days ago we reported that Kim and Kanye were trying to decide between two names for their baby. One name was Kaidence Donda West in honor of Kanye’s mother who passed away several years ago, and the other name was North West.

Remember how I made fun of the name, ‘North West,’ saying that it was a direction and not a name? Well, apparently Kim Kardashian really likes directions because she has reportedly named her baby ‘North West.’ TMZ was first to report the news and then People Magazine confirmed the report with their own source. This news comes to a surprise to many because Kim denied awhile back that North was even in the running for potential baby names. It’s also surprising because it’s a f–king terrible name.

We should say that there has still not be an “official” confirmation by the couple, but TMZ claims they saw the birth certificate and the birth certificate had North West on it.

What were they thinking? That it would be cute because Kanye’s last name is West? It’s not cute! It’s stupid. This is your daughter! Not an animal. If you want to experiment with weird names, buy a puppy! Your kid is going to have to put up with constant jokes about her name. Her nickname in school is going to be “compass.”

Such a shame.


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