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Taylor Swift Is Worried Her Massive Fame Will Cause Travis Kelce To Break Up With Her

Taylor Swift might be headed to the road of self-sabotage in her relationship with NFL star, Travis Kelce. They have been going strong for nearly a year now, and it still appears like they’re madly in love.

But insiders close to the pop star say she’s beginning to worry her fame will mess everything up.

She wants a happy ending with Travis. She is worried about jinxing things. She is nervous something will mess things up. There’s very little oxygen between her life and fame. Travis is a peacock, but he has never dated a celeb before, and she is one of the most famous women in the world. Right now he is enjoying everything and she is hoping that it stays like that.

Honestly, we get it. Right now, Travis does seem to enjoy the spotlight, but will he still be enjoying it a year from now? Or when the Swifties turn on him for some stupid reason? Who knows, and that’s exactly why Swift is worried.

It’s an interesting time for Swift. She just released her latest album, and unfortunately for her, it’s getting mixed reviews online. It’s certainly not getting the amount of praise her previous albums received.

There’s also been a slew of celebrities coming out to randomly attack Swift. The latest artist? Pet Shop Boys vocalist, Neil Tennant. He basically said Swift doesn’t have “famous songs.”

Taylor Swift sort of fascinates me as a phenomenon because she’s so popular, and I sort of quite like the whole thing, but then when I listen to the records … for a phenomenon as big [as she is], where are the famous songs? What’s Taylor Swift’s ‘Billie Jean’?

The haters are coming out!