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Cardi B Says She Needs To Gain Weight, And You’ll Never Believe How She Plans To Do It!

Apparently, Cardi B has been battling a pretty gnarly stomach bug for the past week or so. She has reportedly lost nearly 10 pounds and now sits at around 130.

She likes to be closer to 137, so she wants to gain weight, and her plan to do so? Well, it involves getting d**ked down. The 31-year-old rapper went on her Instagram Live to talk to her fans about her weight gain plan.

Until I gain weight back, I’m not going out because I do not like how my body looks. No s–t, I look too f–king skinny. I need to eat and I need some d–k. It helps you gain weight. I don’t know, it’s just a science, you know what I’m saying? It’s some f–king science s–t.

We’ve never heard of this theory. If anything, we’d think having sex would make someone lose weight, but perhaps she’s a pillow princess? She’s just in bed taking all the d**ks and eating some food after?

In the meantime, she’s also working on some new music. She was getting in some quality studio time with ‘Bodak Yellow‘ writer, Pardison Fontaine.