Tiger Woods new Girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnston – Photos and DUI Arrest!

So the big news is: “Tiger’s Got a Girlfriend, Tiger’s Got a Girlfriend”.

Just who is this lucky lady?

Alyse Lahti Johnston

She is daughter of former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Lahti, but the real buzz is that her stepfather is Alastair Johnston, a prominent member on the board of IMG .  (IMG is a leader in managing athlete’s business affairs off the field).

It was Johnston who was the architect of Woods’s $60 million deal with Nike at the age of just 20.

Johnston, then IMG’s head of golf, revealed the secret of his successful negotiations saying: “Do you know how we got so much for Tiger? “Because we asked for it. We knew what he was worth to the right people.”

Looks like Alistair brokered a new deal, his stepdaughter to Tiger.

Alastair has lived in the same ultra select enclave of Isleworth, Florida as Tiger Woods.  It is rumored that his stepdaughter is training for the LPGA tour.  He is a passionate golf lover who has authored books on the subject.  Alastair is indeed the one who introduced his stepdaughter to Tiger, despite their age difference.  Alyse Lahti Johnston is just 22, 13 years younger than Woods.

Now what about that little DUI Arrest?

Yes Alyse was arrested on suspected DUI charges.  Well what do you think happens when a super-rich girl gets arrested for a DUI?  She gets a high Florida attorney and things somehow end up being, “Not such a big Deal”.

She was ordered to complete a DUI Counter Attack School and a Victims Awareness Program.  She was also ordered to obtain a substance abuse evaluation, and report to probation.

The case went back to court on January 21, 2011, with the final charge being “Improper Change of Lane — Pulling in front of vehicle.”  That’s a simple traffic infraction, and the case was closed.

Who said Money is the Root of all Evil?

I hope Alyse knows what she’s getting into.  I’ve already been to her facebook page, and Googled here 1,324 times.  Welcome to the spot light.  I’m just waiting for the nude photos and the sex tape.   When I get it, I will be sure to share!!