Who is 50 Cent’s New Girlfriend? Photos & Videos!

My faith has been restored in “50”. (Remember, the cool people drop the “Cent” it’s just “50”).

First of all, look at the photo. He is Gangster.

• Bullet Proof Vest – Check!

• Hot Girl – Check!

• Mean Mugging the Camera – Check!

After posting the story about him looking like “Mr. Softee” with his feet out taking pictures like a pup in love, we had to find out exactly who this chick really is.

So – Who is 50 Cent’s new girlfriend?

Her name is Daphne Joy. Don’t rush to Google. I’ve done that for you. Apparently she was the fiancé of Deray Davis. Who? Ray Ray from “Barbershop”. If you don’t know that reference then you probably don’t know who he is, that’s why I post photos. Rumor is that 50 stole this girl from him. You might ask how can 50 Cent steal a woman away from Deray Davis? He’s tall, good looking and famous. Do the math.

Ray Ray from “Barbershop” Albeit, I and II


 50 Cent with a Forbes estimated net worth of over $100 Million.


“Hi 50, my name is Daphne” lol.


Daphne Joy is 24, half Filipino & half Puerto Rican. We know which half is Puerto Rican, we saw that on the beach in Mexico. No disrespect – but she is basically a video-ho. Dang that sounds so harsh, but that’s what the industry calls them until they have done something else. Plus I said “No Disrespect” which means you can say anything after that and get away with it.

 You be the judge, here are the highlights of her career:

• Blackmen’s Magazine (an urban Magazine)

• Smooth Magazine (an urban Magazine)

• KING Magazine (an urban Magazine)

• Wet & Wild w/the WildNOut Girls

• In the Ayer (video)

• Miss Independent (video)

• She got it Remix (video)

• What U got (video)

 So that’s my point. But again, we all have to start somewhere. I used to work at McDonald’s. 

 So for you viewing pleasure, here is more of Ms. Joy.