A Buff Dave Chapelle hits NYC complete with new attitude and new muscles.

A Buff Dave Chapelle hits NYC complete with new attitude and new muscles.dave chapelle wearing a tank top looking muscular.  Very toned

Rumor has it, the once hotter than chicken grease, comedian might be in the works to produce another show.  He was seen in NY, looking like a P90X infomercial.  Buff and focused.

He rolled up at the Comedy Cellar in the city, and immediately the evening’s line up was adjusted and several comedians were bumped.  The comedic legend did a little over an hour of comedy, looking sober and on point.

He didn’t tell anyone he was coming but everyone seemed to enjoy his performance.

Dave virtually disappeared at the height of “Chappelle’s Show” show’s success.  His last performance was aired in November 11, 2008!  It was a bit for Inside the Actors Studio where he did the interviewing of James Lipton.

2008 – it doesn’t seem nearly that long, I guess because “Chappelle’s Show”  reruns are almost as funny as when they originally aired. When he left the show; he walked away from a 50 million dollar check to do two more years.  He went on a pilgrimage to South Africa.

He referred to his depressed state during an interview with Oprah,

“I felt like some kind of prostitute or something. If I feel so bad, why keep on showing up to this place?” “The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching.”

Boo hoo.  You not going to get me to fee for a millionaire who got paid to goof around and smoke weed.  However, I do understand that it’s not all glitz and glamor, but try sitting in a cube doing TCS reports for 8 hours.  Then you can tell me how hard being true to yourself is.
Caricature by Chris Rommel

It appears that Dave has found the right time to jump back in the game.  Netflix just signed a $100 million dollar deal for a series staring Kevin Spacey.  This could mean more big bucks for Chappelle, but they better have a “run away” clause in that contract.