Disturbingly Sick Photo of Steve Jobs! So Sad!!! [PHOTO]

Very sick photo of Stever jobs leaving the hospital with assistance dressed in all black

One of My Heroes

This picture was posted today by TMZ.  I wish it were fake, but it might be real.  Of course the internet is already filled with Jobs fans disputing it’s authenticity.

If it is real, I am blown away!

I think no one really knew the extent of his illness!!  As I am always one to talk about money this and money that, this is an example of why even a long life is short and money can’t buy everything.

This is painful to look at.  It is not an understatement to call him the Edison of our time.  This man has given so much to our society and unfortunately what he needs most, no one can do anything to help him.

Mr. Jobs you are in our prayers for a miracle. Nuff respect.