Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Contestants Revealed. This Could be Good!

The show that you love to hate.  You have to admit it, it’s like a train wreck, that you have to watch….but different.  A train wreck is over relatively quick, however this goes on for weeks.  This show has a way of bringing celebrities back from the dead, and then watching them re-kill themselves. And do so  under the watch of the All Mighty Trump, and the not so All Mighty Trump-lings.

I’m always intrigued regarding the cast selection because you can’t figure out if it’s is indeed genius or if they take a picture of every has been, put them on a peg board, and blindly throw darts.  From the look of the line up this season, I would say there is some secret formula where variables are input and an algorithm spits out a list that is sure to create the chaos that we so look forward to.   Here are the Winter 2012 Outputs:

Adam Carolla

Age 47,

Comedian, comedy writer TV personality.

The Adam Carolla Show (radio), The Man Show



Arsenio Hall

55 Years Old,

Used to host one of the biggest talk shows of it’s time.  Hasn’t done jack in the last 10 years.



Clay Aiken


Aiken was actually runner up on the 2nd season of American Idol. After 4 albums, a best selling book, a run on Broadway and apparently a love affair with food (he’s about 60 lbs heavier then his “Idol” days), what’s left? Celebrity Apprentice.



Dee Snider

Age: 56

Classic Heavy Metal rocker.  Song writer and singer of the famed Twisted Sister. Had his own reality show “Growing Up Twisted”.


George Takei

Age: 74

Hikaru Sulu from the original Star Trek!




Lou Ferrigno

Age; 60

Champion bodybuilder, and actor.  Best known for his role as the Incredible Hulk on the TV series, also played himself on The King of Queens.




Michael Andretti

Age 49

Super famous race car driver.  Son of even more super famous Mario Andretti



Paul Teutul, Sr.

Age 62.

Co-founder of Orange County chopper.  Fomer super drug addict that turned himself around and opened up OCC.  He has been doing the American Chopper reality show since 2002 to 2010.  He is an 8 on the cuckoo meter, not to mention an all around big, bad dude.


Penn Jillette

Age: 56

The name alone doesn’t quite ring a bell, but when you put Penn with Teller, you get Penn & Teller.  Arguably the most famous magician duo in the world.  This is going to be extremely amusing


Aubrey O’Day

Age: 27

Discovered by P. Diddy’s Making the Band, she had too more ego then talent.  She went on to do a Playboy spread, a small stint on Broadway and even her own reality show, but she never had the work ethic and tenacity to go with her talent.  We are going to see attitude and tears!




Cheryl Tiegs

Age: 64

Had no clue who this was, and still don’t.  She appears to be a former swimsuit model.  I think this will be the first time in a long time she has been relevant.  I’m expecting a quick exit from her…..but then again who knows.




Dayana Mendoza

Age: 25

Former Miss Universe, currently a model for the TRUMP modeling Agency.

Super HOT!!





Debbie Gibson

Age: 41,


Who the f#$k is this?  It says she was the youngest to ever write, produce and perform a No. 1 hit.  She’s been chasing fame the last few years.  A judge on an American Idol spinoff called “American Juniors”, she did a “Skating with the Celebrities” in 2006 and that’s about it.


Lisa Lampanelli

Age: 50

Raw, Raunchy, Racy comedian.  Not to mention super funny.  This is going to be good.  She doesn’t hold back and is extremely politically incorrect on all issues.





Patricia Velasquez

Age: 40,

Another super hot model / actress.  That’s why Trump is my dude!  Velasquez, known as the first Latin Supermodel, went from modeling to acting.  She has had some decent size roles in Ugly Betty and Rescue me.  She was also in Season 5 of “The L Word” – which after knowing that, I have now just ordered on Netflix.




Teresa Guidice

Age: 39

She is from The Rea Housewives of New Jersey.  The Italian version of Ne Ne Leaks.



Tia Carrere

Age: 45

Hawaiian born model, turned actress.  She has been earning a living by doing tons of TV shows and voice overs including: Dancing with the Stars, CSI, Combat Hospital (Oops!).  More eye candy for Trump and his loyal audiences.




Victoria Gotti

Age: 49

The daughter of famed mob boss John Gottti.  She was the matriarch on the reality show that preceded “Mob Wives”, called “Growing Up Gotti”.

Victoria was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, so I’m wondering if Health will play an issue.



There you have it.  The show premiers in February so we have some time to get into our “American idol” and “The Voice” grooves first.  Good planning on NBC’s part.