Photo: Jennifer Aniston Without Make-Up

Another celebrity has decided to show off their “real” face to the world.

The “We’re the Millers” star Jennifer Aniston showed off her face without makeup this past Saturday on her hairstylist/best friend’s Instagram. The caption on the photo you see down below reads, “Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time.” Apparently, Chris McMillan is one of those people who only speak in hashtags. #fact


As you can see, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t really look all that different without makeup on. This picture is certainly a lot better than Lady Gaga’s recent makeup free photo.

Jennifer is 44-years-old now, so the fact that she is in such great shape and has such a young looking face is really a testament to all of her hard work. And according to her, anybody’s skin can look as good as hers. She claims that it’s not expensive skincare products that make her “glow,” it’s all about drinking lots of water, eating clean and sleeping well.

She told The Cut the following,

“When I started making enough money to afford high-end, fancy skincare products with sexy bottles and impressive claims, I decided to give them a try. As a result my skin acted up and got irritated. I think sometimes women may be overcleansing their skin. Some products and masks can be too aggressive and irritating for certain skin types. I believe the more simple, natural, and easy the skin care regime, the better off your skin will be.”

Whatever she is doing, it’s working.