Stalker Spends Six Nights In Jennifer Lopez’s Guest House

This has got to be one of the strangest stories we’ve heard in quite a while. A 49-year-old former fireman named John Dubis is apparently a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, so big that he stayed in her guest house for six days without anyone knowing.

According to the New York Post, the man you see down below made his way to Lopez’s $10 million mansion and proceeded to make it his new home without anyone knowing. The incident happened sometime in early August and the man allegedly stayed in the guest house for six whole days without being noticed.


And it wasn’t like he was being super secretive about it. Sources say that the man parked his vehicle right where security guards could easily spot it. An employee for the 44-year-old singer was the first to spot and confront the man. When asked what he was doing on the property, the man claimed he was Lopez’s ex-husband and also claimed to be the father of her children.

He was taken into custody and underwent a psychiatric evaluation. Police say that the man admitted to pleasuring himself on Lopez’s yard because he thought that she wanted him to spread his seed “throughout the world.” Apparently, the man has been battling some kind of mental illness for awhile now. Police found crazy letters addressed to Obama in the man’s rental car.

My only question is, how did no one notice a strange man ejaculating in her yard? That just seems odd to me. I will admit that when I first read the headline, I thought the stalker was going to end up being a depressed Marc Anthony. I’m kind of disappointed it wasn’t.

I still don’t understand how he landed that fine piece of ass.