Kim Kardashian Posts Pictures Of Ridiculous Designer Gifts For North West

It’s officially one day before Christmas. Kids all around the world are just 24 hours away from being incredibly disappointed, well, most kids will be disappointed.

North West is not one of those kids. Kim Kardashian posted the photos you see down below to her Instagram account. In the photos, you will find some shoes, one of them being black jeweled flats. That’s what all the 6-month-old babies are wanting these days!


She captioned each photo by thanking the designers who made them, “Thank you so much Giuseppe for the amazing shoes you made for North! WE LOVE YOU” She wrote.

Look, I understand rich people have nicer things than most of us. I’m fine with that. But why the hell would a baby want a pair of black jeweled flats for Christmas?

Isn’t that just teaching her the wrong thing at a very early age? Who cares what kind of shoes a baby is wearing. I mean, what happens if North West goes on a play date to a friend’s house? Would they make fun of her if she was wearing shoes from Target?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me.