Judge Orders Chris Brown To Stay In Jail, Concerned Over His “I’m Good At Using Guns & Knives” Quote

Chris Brown will no longer be staying at some fancy rehab facility. After being kicked out of the two previous facilities he was in, the judge ordered Brown to stay in jail until at least April 23.

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, tried his best to convince the judge to let his client enter another rehab facility, but the judge was not willing to budge. Apparently, the judge was very concerned over something Brown wrote in rehab.

“I am good at using guns and knives” the 24-year-old singer allegedly wrote on a note in rehab. That note combined with the fact that Brown just can’t seem to stay out of trouble forced the judge to make Brown stay in jail for at least a month.


The reason April 23 is such an important date is because that’s the day the L.A. judge will hold a probation violation hearing. Brown was originally ordered to stay in a treatment facility until then, but since he’s already been kicked out of two facilities, it looks jail might be a better fit for him.

If he’s sentenced, he could be going to prison for 4 years. That seems unlikely at the moment, but it’s certainly still a possibility.

We can only hope they’re letting him practice his dancing skills in jail.

You can’t let that talent go to waste!