Jimmy Kimmel Has Ice Cube Saying Nice Things In The Meanest Way Possible (VIDEO)

Let’s be honest here, Ice Cube is a scary dude. I’m sure he’s really the nicest guy in the world, but if I did something to piss him off, I wouldn’t wait around to see if I was right. I would be on the next flight to Fiji.

Jimmy Kimmel held an interesting experiment last night with the Cube Master. He had this interesting hypothesis about Ice Cube. He believed the rapper/actor could say the nicest things, and still make it sound like he was about to murder you after saying them.

“You would not classify these lines as your typical angry-guy lines. In fact, they’re quite the opposite of that. I’ll read them to you and then you act them back to me in your own imitable way.”

Ice Cube agreed to read the lines. The result was hilarious. Check out the video down below…


It’s a good thing I don’t have to wear pants to do my job, because they would be completely saturated right about now. Ice Cube could walk up to me and say, “Hey, man. I really like you and I think you deserve this check for $100,000.”

And I’d be like…