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Pete Davidson Has To Complete 50 Hours Of Community Service Following Reckless Driving Charge

Remember when Pete Davidson randomly drove his Mercedes-Benz into a home in Beverly Hills back in March? He was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control of the vehicle, jumped a curb, hit a fire hydrant and slammed into the corner of a home.

His girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, was with him at the time, but luckily no one got hurt. There was someone inside the house at the time, but they were far away from the impact.

Davidson apologized to the homeowners and offered to repair any damage. The homeowners accepted his apology and declined to file a lawsuit against them.

But the police department did slap him with a reckless driving charge, and now we have learned he has finally been sentenced. Reports indicate he’ll enter an 18-month diversion program, and as long as he complies with certain terms, there will be no criminal offense on his record.

Under the terms of the program, Davidson must complete 50 hours of community service, attend 12 hours of traffic school and be educated at a hospital or morgue on the possible results of reckless driving.

One bit of good news for Pete is that if he chooses to do so, he’ll be able to put in his community service hours at the New York City Fire Department, where his father worked before dying while trying to save people during 9/11.

A month ago, Davidson was in a rehab facility to treat some mental problems he was dealing with. It’s believed he’s out now, but he’s still not returning to the stage. He had shows scheduled for this weekend, but they were canceled on Monday.

Here’s to hoping he can get his mind right.