Chi ali Griffith with fat Joe and Lil Wayne

Chi Ali is back, The Former Child Rapper Released from Prison

For those who have not heard yet, Chi Ali is out of jail.  WHO??

Chia Ali Griffith!  If you are a true hip hop head, then you will know exactly who Chi is.  Chi was famous before the internet was in full swing, before twitter, instagram and facebook.

Chi was actually released like two weeks ago, but the world got out quick after he showed up on a video shoot with Fat Joe and Lil Wayne, for Fat Joe’s single “Yellow Tape”.   He also found the time to do an interview with MTV.

He was only 14 when he came out as part of the Native Tongues clique.  I first heard him on the classic Black Sheep album “Pass the 40”.  That was my sh_t, and Ali ripped it.  Here was his verse:

Well I’m too young for 40’s, and too young for blunts.
The only thing I’m not too young for is the stunts.
The girlies, the ladies, I love them with a passion.
But back to the mike cause I’m always down for action.
Many M.C.’s fall to the dust.
Some will rust cause I bust and I crush.
You can’t touch.
I’m the child of the wild, the flavor of the nile.
I gave you plenty of chances still ya f_ck with this style.
Now that you know, Chi-Ali can’t be tooken.
Pass the 40 cause my mother’s not looking.

He then released his biggest hit, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a #” and the album by the same title.  After that we heard nothing from the rapper for years, until he got in trouble.


He went to jail for shooting his girlfriend’s brother, Sean Raymond on January 14, 2001.  Raymond died and Chi Ali was on the run, eventually landing up on America’s Most Wanted twice!  A Bronx native, chi Ali was actually caught there.  He was eventually arrested for marijuana possession and criminal possession of a 9 mm, where he was then sentenced for second-degree murder, illegal firearm use, assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.  He took a plea bargain and was formally charged with manslaughter and a reduced prison sentence from 14 years down to 12.  He received his associates degree while incarcerated in Sing Sing and is now ready for the real world.

Here is a clip from MTV’s Rap Fix where Chi talks about life in prison and being on the run for a year before finally getting arrested.


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