Coco Getting But Grabbed by AP.9

More Photos of Coco Getting Felt Up and AP.9 Reveals He and Coco Smashed

Coco Getting But Grabbed by AP.9All I can think is “Poor Ice”.  This is a situation that just won’t go away.  What happens in Vegas clearly doesn’t stay in Vegas.  What happens in Vegas, stays in the gossip blogs!! Sorry Ice, but I gots’ to report the gossip as it happens!

New pics of Coco are popping up on the internet and this time they are more incriminating then before.  Two different people are going where few men (so we thought) have gone before.  They are not only grabbing Coco’s butt, but are posing while grabbing her butt.

Again, what was she thinking?  The couple reconciled after the first incident and even renewed their vows on New Year’s.  Now just two weeks later and the pics are popping up again.


Along with the pictures, AP.9 doesn’t beat around the bush.  During a recent interview he says that he and Coco smashed, he claims he had a one night stand,

I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too! We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not


If that wasn’t all, another photo pops up featuring Mustafa Abdi, the guy who used to manage ARIA Resort & Casino, and he too is palming Coco’s coco-ness.  No Bueno!

Coco Butt feel by Mustafa Abdi

Coco asked Abdi to remove the pics, not only did he refuse, but as we learn with the internet, once it’s up it’s too late.

Oh, By the way there are more pics and some lie detector results.  This is going to get a lot uglier. Right now, I’m sure Ice is starting to melt.

Angry Ice T





Photo shoutout: Streetking



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