Diddy Shows you How it Must Feel to Own Your Own Jet. Introducing the Diddy Jet Dance [video]

I’m not mad at Floyd Mayweather, I’m not mad at Drake and I’m definitely not mad at Diddy.  What good is money if you can’t enjoy it.

Imagine if you had Diddy money, imagine if you had the Diddy jet.  You know what you would be doing?  You would be doing the Diddy dance.  Diddy put out  a video today for no other reason but to show you that he still knows how to enjoy himself.  With a net worth of $580 million it’s not that hard.  The video is titled Diddy Jet Dance, simply because Diddy is dancing on the runway in front of his jet, up the stairs of his jet and the best …..in his jet.

I’m feeling he Diddy Jet Dance!!

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