Kanye West Skipping Out On Kim and the Baby?

It seemed like it was all good for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They had a perfectly healthy baby girl and Kanye West was right by her side during the labor. All of the family stopped by at the hospital, laughs, smiles and lots of pictures were probably shared. But is the “baby high” already ending? Is Kanye already leaving Kim and the baby to focus on his new album?

Well, In Touch Weekly is reporting that there might be trouble in paradise. The magazine claims that Kim is constantly arguing with Kanye because of his controlling attitude. A source told the magazine the following…

“Kanye’s entire focus is on his new album right now. He will do anything to ensure this album is a success. He will fly all over the world to promote it. Kim and the baby are not his priority. “

The source points out that Kanye did skip an album release party to be by Kim’s side as she gave birth. However, they also question why he scheduled all of this at around the same time Kim was supposed to have the baby. He’s known the due date for a long time now, why didn’t he just push back the album? The source questions.

Ah, give me a break. This “source” is just trying to start some drama. Why can’t we just let people be happy? Are we really so miserable that we have to try and bring people down during one of the happiest moments of their lives? Let’s just let them enjoy this moment right now. We can make fun of them tomorrow.


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