Kid Rock Compares Justin Bieber to Vanilla Ice

Oh, snap. Kid Rock, what are you thinking? Comparing Justin Bieber to Vanilla Ice? Well, that’s not nice!

And that is the first and the last time I attempt to write a rap line. Anyway, Kid Rock was on the Howard Stern radio show yesterday and the topic of Justin Bieber came up. Why? I’m not sure, but it’s clear that Kid Rock is not a fan of Kid Pop.

“Tell me if this is wrong. Justin Bieber is 100 percent like watching Vanilla Ice all over again. It’s exactly the same.” Kid Rock said. Howard Stern reminded Kid Rock that Vanilla Ice was just a one hit wonder and then Rock replied with this gem, “Well, then as soon as Bieber has a hit, he’ll be like Vanilla Ice.” Ouch!

To be fair, I think Bieber has had a few hits. I’m not sure if they will live on as long as Ice Ice Baby, but I don’t think it’s fair to say Bieber hasn’t had a hit. Anyway, Howard Stern pointed out the hate in Kid Rock’s voice when talking about Justin. “You hate that end of the music business. Right? That sort of teenybopper pop stuff?” Stern asked. And that is when Kid Rock started to talk about how he kind of feels bad for the Biebs,

“The kid’s young. He’s got some money. He’s got the world in his hands. It’s just kind of sad to see him go down this trajectory. It’s gonna be a very long ride down. We all know the story. I kind of feel bad for the kid, to be honest with you.”

With all of these people predicting Bieber’s demise, I am starting to think he’s going to prove us all wrong. He’s going to get his sh-t together just to stick it to all the “haters” out there. You watch. Bieber 2014 is coming and you better be ready.