Another Diet for Oprah? Oy Vey!

Author Kathy Freston, was on Oprah’s Tuesday.  She is the author of Veganist: Lose Weight Get Healthy, Change the World.

The whole Vegan kick comes from a video that Lisa Ling shows on the program that gives an insider’s view of a slaughter house.  Same old clips, same old story.  Oprah is apparently moo-ved by this, and decides she is going to go “Veganish”.

378 members of Harpo Studios did a one week Vegan Challenge many who quit part way through.  To help encourage everyone the staff created “Meatless Mondays” which Oprah thinks might stick around.

You bet Kathy will be the next author to make a 7 figure income from an Oprah appearance.

It’s always annoying to hear and see Oprah on diet after diet because in the back of everyone’s mind your thinking, “Your rich, you have no kids, a Chef and you are still overweight”  Maybe that’s the reason we like her.  She let’s us know every weekday that there is someone more pathetic then ourselves.

Straight no chaser.