Just what words did Christina Aguilera screw up singing the Anthem?

So what!  Who cares.  Just hours after the Superbowl, I go online and I see rant after rant, of people saying how disgusting she sounded, how horrible she was & how she butchered the National Anthem.

I just want to say – get a life!  By no means am I a Christina Aguilera fan so to speak, but people need to relax and enjoy the game.  The song is about our freedom and our country.  I thought it was an acceptable rendition.  I’ve heard better and I’ve heard worse.  Maybe she was a little nervous, but as far as giving producers their 6 figure salary back?  Why?  She showed up, looked great, and performed her best – there was no crouch grabbing and no wardrobe malfunctions.

Just where did she screw up?

She said “What so proudly we watched” instead of the correct lyrics, “o’er the ramparts we watched.”

I didn’t know that was the words until I was in my twenties!


Hey at least she didn’t R-Kelly it  – If that wasn’t over the top – how about adding dancers!

We also added Whitney Houston’s’ Anthem so we all know how it should be done!