Is All My Children Getting the Axe?

The Guiding Light – Done!

As the World Turns – Toast!

Passions?  Should have never started.

ABC is the only of the three major networks to be running more than one Soap.  They have three, General Hospital, One Life to Live and All My Children.  Oy!!

Rumor has it that All My Children is the weakest link.  Well not really a rumor, it’s a fact.  The numbers don’t lie!

This is All My Children’s 41st year, and unfortunately it  just posted two weeks of back to back all time lows.  Only 463,000 people tuned in to watch Erica Kane do her thing.  This is a 34% reduction vs the same time last year.  I think more people tuned in to see Charlie Sheen’s U-stream show!

The show also came in dead last for total number of views with only 2.32 million in the 18-49 year old demographic.

Part of ABC’s strategy was to get two runs from each show because they would replay them all on the SOAP network.  Cha-Ching!  Well now SOAPnet is changing to Nick Jr. so what was once seen as cash is now a pain in the a$$.

2 years ago they tried replacing it with Aisha Tyler’s daytime talk show.  They might try to do the same thing.  I guess in the case it’s not cheaper to keeper.  You would think that a 41 year old show could get a revitalized storyline and survive another 10 years.  That would take some creativity and risk, two words not found in daytime TV.  CBS replaced “As the World Turns” with “The View” clone, “The Talk”.