Lenny Dykstra charged with grand theft auto, cocaine and more.

If you are a sports figure and you make the headlines of this blog, you have done one or two things,

1. You are dating a super hot actress/ model / Singer, or

2.  You’ve F’d up Royally. 

The legendry Lenny Dykstra has F’d up Royally.  He is being charged with a string of crimes: auto theft, identity theft, filing false financial statements, possession of controlled substances, and the list goes on and on.  Good all Lenny could be looking at 12 years in State!  Ouch!

 Lenny had grown in fame and fortune after baseball.  He was known as a Stock Guru and amassed enough loot to by Wayne Gretzkey’s crib (See pics below!). Jim Crammer hired him to actually write a stock picking column for him.  Remember this as you continue to read; he once had enough money to by a $18,000,000.00 house. 

Well the Dykstra empire is crumbling hard.  He has now been linked to a luxury car leasing scheme.  Could that be where he got that Maybach from?  When the authorities searched his house they also stumbled on some cocaine, HGH and exstasy.  (You may Insert a Homer like “Doh’” here.  )


The 48 year old slugger and his 27 year old accountant (Robert Hymers), and his 30 year old friend (Christopher Gavanis) set up a phony business and stole identities to try and get credit to lease high end cars from several dealerships. 

Here is how it went down, as stated by the Deputy Dist. Atty. Alex Karkanen:

“He has scammed everybody he knows…..They faked pay stubs. They faked income information for the company. They made it all up on a laser printer at home. And when the dealers asked for a co-signer, they said their financial officer would sign.”

They used the identity of one of Robert Hymers customers as the CFO.  The customer never knew.

Twice Dykstra and Hymers try to be the “co-signer” and that didn’t work.  The leases were rejected.  Then at one dealership they used fraudulent info and drove off with a brand spankin’ new 2011 Ford Mustang, a Ford Flex and a Lincoln MKS. 

Wait a minute…That ain’t luxury!!! That’s nice, but it ain’t luxry.   – Moving on…..

 Get this, the fake company’s name that was reported to be making millions was called, “Home Free Systems”.  How ironic, because Home Free is the last thing Lenny will be.   So what did they plan to do with the cars after they leased them?   I don’t even think they thought the plan out that far!

 Here is Lenny’s new list of charges:



5 counts of attempted grand theft auto

8 counts of filing false financial statemts

4 counts of identity theft.

3 counts of Grand theft auto  (the first 5 were “attempted”)

3 counts of possession of a controlled substance. 


1 Possesion of a controlled substance

1 unauthorized possession of a syringe.

BAIL $500,00!
Just think, the pictures below is how Lenny used to live.  Ahhhh the good life!


Wayne Gretzkey’s crib