Christina Aguilera, W Magazine and one wicked Air Brush Job!

Now I would be the first one to say that the media has gone hard on Christina Aguilera over the past year.

She divorced her hubby Jordan Bratman, had a crappy album release, botched the lyrics to the national anthem at the super bowl, and had her concert tour canceled because of poor ticket sales.  OUCH!

Just as she was recovering with her role on “The Voice”, she lets W Magazine get crazy with the air brush, and I mean CrAzY!

This photo shoot is ridiculous.  There is no way in hell, that that’s her.  We have all been watching “The Voice”.  She is like a bleach blond, chubby Peggy Bundy.  She is overly curvaceous and one French fry away from “Celebrity Fit Club”.  Then W Magazine releases these photos?

I can’t believe it.  Now I’m bashing her, but this just makes it that much easier.  I understand a little airbrushing, but this is a whole new level.

During her interview in the magazine she talks about her National anthem disaster:

‘Everything on the field at the Super Bowl was vividly bright, and I was having a moment.
‘I got lost in the emotion of being there and I messed up the lyrics to the song.
‘I went to dinner after the Super Bowl with Matt and I laughed at how I’d made myself into a Trivial Pursuit question.’

Then a few weeks after that she trips on stage at the Grammys….and you thought you had a rough year.  Here’s a glimpse at the magical Grammy moment.