Are the rumors true? Christina and Adam Not getting along on the Voice?


Are the rumors true? Christina and Adam Not getting along on the Voice?

It looks like it’s all love when you are watching “The voice” but things could not be further from the truth.  It appears there is constant beef between Christina Aguilera and Adam (Levine).

A lot of the hostility is said to come from Christina’s bigger check.

Just how much is Christina Aguilera getting paid for “The Voice”?

A whopping $225,000 per episode.  Sweet Jesus!  I just spit my coffee out.  Are you serious?

Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green are getting $75,000 per episode.  She makes the same amount as all three of them.  Wow!  After a floppy album and a cancelled tour, I’m not sure if that’s justifiable at all.  Then after the appearance of her in the black satin Granny Panties – she should be paying us to watch!

To further frustrate matters, Christina is rolling with a huge posse complete with two hair and make-up people, a producer and an assistant.

While you are watching the show everything looks fun friendly and flirty, but during the commercial breaks, Christina goes into Diva mode and doesn’t talk to the other judges.  Turn the cameras back on, and she turns into a show stealing rambling mess.  (If you saw this weeks episode you will know exactly what I mean).

At the end of the day however, money is money and Christina and Adam are due to release a track they recorded together.  Cha-ching.  The track, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ will also be available on iTunes next week.

Adam’s camp is using this fact to help dispel the rumors of bad blood between the two.  Releasing the statement:

“This is absolutely false. Adam loves Christina, and they just recorded a song together. All the judges had a party at Blake’s house the other night after the show.”

You can’t let the rumor mill tear down the show – Season 2 is already being planned.  Thank God they will have more auditions because that’s the best part.

For those that don’t know, during the auditions you can’t see who is performing, and the judges must hit a button to turn your chair around, deciding to choose the person only based on his or her voice.

Hmmm…..why don’t we call the show – “The Voice”.  That’s marketing creativity at its finest.  Mark Burnett has managed to create another winner.